Monday, March 18, 2013

Time waster: green things

Green is my favorite color, so yesterday I scrolled through my photos--a favorite pastime when procrastinating dishes or laundry--and pulled a bunch of random green things that made me smile.
I lived in the Chicago suburbs for over 15 years and never got a look at the Chicago River when they dye it green for St. Patrick's Day.  But one year we went to Inks Lake Stake Park here in Texas, and the water was vividly green.
Giant, stuffed, mustache-sporting cowboy pickles.  Just what you want to carry around on a sweltering day at Six Flags, right?

Street art spotted in Dallas the year we took the kids to the state fair.
Christmas tree farm in Illinois.  This was our view as we ate doughnuts after apple picking for Allison's wedding weekend.
Naughty pig pinata that I made from a cereal box for the boys' Angry Birds themed birthday party last year.
Glass cactus made by (who else?) Dale Chihuly.
 Building turning green; seen on a river cruise in downtown Chicago.
Shamrocks found down the street, near our mailboxes.

Here's to a lucky week!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Shoulder to shoulder into the fray

I'm far enough removed from my US history classes in high school and college that if you asked me how long ago women gained the right to vote, I would probably stammer, "Uh...80 years?  100?  Or is it more?"  And then I would google it, because we don't actually need to store information in our brains anymore, do we?
This article gave me a little brush up on the facts.  The 19th amendment passed in 1920, and seven years before that was this massive, wonderful Women's Suffrage Parade.
 Well-dressed ladies fighting for an important cause.  I love it.
Well done, sister suffragette!