Monday, April 28, 2014

Clothes on TV

A couple things I've read lately have me thinking about clothes on TV shows.

I've just learned that there is currently in production a live-action version of Jem, the '80s cartoon about an all-girl rock band.  In general, I hate modern updates of things I loved as a child, and the description of it sounds completely awful.  In one article, the producers described it with something like "be true to yourself in a multitasking, hyperlinked, social media world".  Yuck.  But one peek at the hair and makeup here, and I was kind of sucked in.  I might have to check that out.  You can see a slide show of the amazing costumes on the original show here, or just go binge-watch it on Netflix.

Speaking of binge-watching Netflix shows, my sisters have long been fans of Parks and Recreation, and I spent the last few weeks catching up with them.  (Well, almost.  I have to wait for season six to be released in a few months.  Oh the torture!)  An article that Jezebel did last fall took a look at the clothes worn by Parks & Recreation ladies.  (Fair warning: don't open that link if your child can read and is looking over your shoulder; the headline is vulgar.)  How is Ann Perkins able to afford a $395 shirt?  And April for sure couldn't afford all those $400 dresses, plus, shopping at Barney's doesn't fit her personality.  She's a thrifter, all the way.

I saw a clip once with Julie Bowen, who said that they dressed her Modern Family character in a lot of casual "Mom" clothes, nothing too glamorous, you know, Anthropologie and the like.  That made me laugh, as I save my pennies to buy a couple items each year at their annual Black Friday clearance sale.

My So-Called Life is really my gold standard in terms of outfitting characters in a realistic way.  They wear real things, and they wear them more than once.  Unlike Rory Gilmore and her 75 amazing winter coats.
Oh, hello again, maroon floral dress.  Nice to see you again.

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