Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Road trip

Over the 4th of July weekend we visited Matt's relatives in Louisiana.  We had never done a significant road trip with the whole family, and it went quite well.  Our two big boys are finally old enough to be bribed with screen time and money (.50 per well-behaved hour in the car; thanks to my friend Andrea for the idea), and our baby is the most agreeable baby anywhere, ever, so the six hour drive was tolerable.

This gas station somewhere between Austin and Waco had so many kooky, wonderful things.

1. An aging Elvis impersonator with a karaoke machine and a tip jar.
 2. Several different pieces of bovine-themed public art.
 3. An abandoned cafe/gift shop in the shape of the Starship Enterprise (right?  We're definitely a Star Wars family, but I googled it to be sure).
On the morning of the 4th, we went to a little neighborhood parade, after which the sheriff's department did fingerprinting at one of the booths.

Alec: Why do you want to get me fingerprinted?
Sarah: Well, so that if something happens to you, it might help us find you, like a clue.
Alec: But...I'm never gonna do a murder!
The fire truck set up a high-powered sprinkler, which gave my water conservationist heart a bit of anxiety, but the kids adored it.
 The city of Shreveport put on an impressive fireworks show.
There was also good food, bowling, and lots of family time. 
 Oh, AND a fantastic pool right in the back yard.  We clocked a lot of hours in there.

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