Monday, November 3, 2014

Lots of sequins, lots of cards

Edited to add a photo of the playing cards shirt.  You're welcome!

My sister Jill came for a whirlwind visit a week ago.  It was way too short, but we managed to pack in a lot of great stuff.  We made pizza, played with makeup, ate tex-mex and pad thai, and purged my closet (part of it, anyway.  Not the sequin section).  We visited several thrift shops, including the Goodwill outlet, which is an experience unto itself.  We tried on pretty much anything sparkly that caught our eye.  My dress below was covered in beaded fringe and weighed several pounds.
In this shot, I'm trying to show you just how many giant, dangling sequins are packed onto this top, so please excuse the weird arms.  But also, I am terrible at posing.  I look like Liz Lemon when she was shooting the promo to her ill-fated talk show.  "Wave to a friend...Wave like a human being...You remember waving?"
But Jill knows how to pose.  And she's gorgeous, so that helps.

By the way, both the items she's wearing here are things that I already owned.  I wasn't kidding about having a sequin section in my closet.  So you can see that it's really a miracle that I managed to walk away from the black fringe dress and the shiny, sweetly rustling top.

We played Moon every night, which is a version of Euchre in which everyone plays solo, rather than in pairs.  If you don't know what Euchre is, then you probably didn't have a Michigan native as a college roommate (Hi, Kelli!).  For the occasion, Jill brought out her best card-themed mock turtleneck.

We had a Halloween party at church, and Jill did the makeup for my Cleopatra costume.  My eyes looked incredible, and we did take a close-up, but it's just way too much information about my pores and wrinkles.  Another awkwardly posed shot will have to do.
Yep, lookin' regal and powerful there, just like the real Cleopatra.

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