Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gallery wall

What a lovely feeling it is to finish a project! I've just put up a collection of pictures in our previously boring front entry hall. I chose one photo per year since our wedding in 1997, with the idea that this tells the story of our family's growth. I collected frames that I already had, added some more from thrift shops, and spray painted a bunch of them. It's the crazy quilt approach, and I think it works. 
I've positioned the whole thing a bit high, for two reasons. One is to leave room for another row of pictures, and two is to keep it out of toddler reach.
That brown drawer thingie has already been moved. Seems too temptingly climb-able.


  1. I love the idea of one picture per year. Makes the gallery wall seem do-able! I may steal that idea! Looks good. All of our pictures are higher because we are tall here!

  2. On my way out of book group Matt was bragging about your wall. He was proud of you and your effort. I thought that was really neat. It is really cute and fun.