Monday, September 23, 2013

Six dollars, well spent

I went to the thrift shop on Friday to look for a few kid t-shirts.  I came home with t-shirts, plus a giant polyester quilt top.
This could so easily have come from my late grandma's pile of handmade things.  She made lots of clothes for her husband and six children, and she wasn't one to waste the leftovers.  Remember how I put together a little collage of some of her fabrics?
Many of the prints are garish; I'm sure that the bell bottom pants made from that brown plaid are stunningly ugly.  But somehow, when you sew them all together and edge them with polka-dotted pink, they are beautiful.  To me, anyway.
The "projects to do" pile in my craft room is worthy of its own hoarding reality show, so I snuck this baby in the house and threw it in the washing machine without showing it to Matt.  You know how wet dog smell is so much more pungent and offensive than dry dog smell?  It turns out it's the same with the thrift shop/mothball scent of a polyester quilt.  After hanging it on the line to air out a bit, I tried to fold it up quickly and put it away, but I was spotted.
Matt: Why are you trying to hide your quilt?
Sarah: Oh.  Yeah.  I bought a quilt top today.  I didn't think you'd seen it yet.
Matt: Seen it?  I could smell it.

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