Monday, October 21, 2013

"Rather tall cowboy with all his clothes burned off at 10:31."

We're just back from the Texas State Fair in Dallas, and I'm happy to report that Big Tex is back.  We first went to the fair in 2011, and he looked like this:
Then last year, an electrical malfunction caused a fire that burned Big Tex down to his skeleton.  You can watch a 22 minute documentary about the rebuilding here. (The quote I used as the title of this post is from the emergency dispatch recordings.)

Within a year, the fair had a new Big Tex built and installed, and we saw him last weekend.  The boys were very happy to see him restored to his former glory, and his presence was all throughout the fair.

Here's the main view, taken from the Fletcher's corny dog stand, with the Cotton Bowl and ferris wheel in the background.
 Here's a kid's Lego rendition of the fateful day.
 Naturally, this year's butter sculpture features Big Tex in repose, cuddling with some toddlers.
 Awesome Lego portrait.
 And the rear view, because, why not?
 There is an exhibit of Big Tex stuff in the museum area.
And finally, I adore this picture, which I found on that same Dalls Morning News photo blog linked above.

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