Monday, October 28, 2013

A few thoughts on costumes

My boys are heavy into Minecraft these days, and they both wanted to dress as Minecraft characters for Halloween.  Unfortunately, we realized that both the big, boxy cardboard head and the giant pixelated pickaxe we planned to make were not allowed at school.  (No masks and no weapons, respectively.)  Even though the pickaxe really is just a mining tool, I'm ok with it being forbidden if it means there will be no knife-wielding Chucky dolls or knife-glove wearing Freddy Kruegers (also known occasionally as Chalkie and Freddy Cooter, respectively) at school on Thursday.

Anyway, a lovely friend of mine came to the rescue by letting us rummage through her costume box, and we came up with fine alternatives.

In other news, this family is hilarious and amazing.  Diamond face cream!  Mrs. Featherbottom!  Pirate baby!  There's just so much awesome here, especially because the family appears to be at a Mormon Halloween party.  You don't expect to run into one Tobias Funke - much less six of them - at trunk-or-treat.  And I love these Wayne's World babies too.

Some of you know that I had a Princess Leia costume years before Liz Lemon made it cool.One year, Matt and I were trying to figure out last minute costumes for a Halloween party.  I suggested Han and Leia, but he assured me that he had his own costume covered.
He took some big cotton balls and stretched them out and taped them to his head.  He's EYEBROWS GUY.  Yep.  Eyebrows guy.  I believe he's related to Crazy Pickle Arm Man.  And yes, I searched for the Adam Sandler clip, to no avail.  Curse you, NBC, and your insistence on copyright protection.

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