Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Good ideas

The beauty of watching a group of kids make gingerbread houses is that after all the community frosting cans and finger licking, you will never be tempted to eat the finished product.  It's like that saying about sausage and legislation: you really don't want to see what goes into it.

Last night, one of our boys held out a handful of Nerds to me and said, "Mom, would you like some candy from my gingerbread house?"
Thankfully, before the disgusted "Ugh!  NO!" came out of my mouth, I was able to reply, "Oh, that's so kind of you to share, but no thank you."

Somehow, I now have a child old enough to be assigned a class presentation on a foreign country.  He chose Canada, and he needed a drawing of the country to attach to the poster.  I don't know if you've noticed, but Canada has a ton of islands and lots of jaggedy edges, so freehanding was out of the question.  Our paper was a little too thick to trace the outline by placing it on top of the picture in the atlas, so I figured out an ingenious solution.  Pull up a website with an appropriately-sized picture, and trace it from there.  The monitor works like a light box.

Just as I was congratulating myself on being super duper smart, my boys asked if they could salt their own popcorn.  Of course they are old enough to correctly use a salt shaker, right?

If it were snow, we'd call it a light dusting, but in salted popcorn terms, that's a blizzard.

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