Thursday, June 15, 2017

Family reunion by the numbers

Square footage of my house: 1500

Bedrooms: 3 plus a small office

Number of people that usually live here: 5

Number of people that lived here last week: 22
(Full disclosure, 7 of us slept at my very generous friend's house)

Hours the cousins spent riding bikes, scooters, and big wheels: a lot

Mosquito bites acquired in the process: soooo many

Kids refreshed with overpriced slushies and mesmerized by a minions movie across the street from the Alamo: 11

Adorableness of my grandma, on a scale from 1-10: 10

Times a cousin accidentally went into the wrong house and was captured on the neighbor's security camera: 1

June birthdays celebrated: 4 (and the one whose birthday actually occurred during the reunion jokingly asked for a meat cake, because she's one of those high protein, low sugar types)

Hours these two lasted at the swimming hole before taking a nap: 1

Photos we took at the Cathedral of Junk: probably like 100

Water events: 5 (swimming pool x2, swimming hole, splash pad, and sprinkler jumping)

Amount of food sorted when we volunteered at the Central Texas Food Bank: enough for almost 9,000 meals

Half gallons of Blue Bell ice cream consumed over the week: 13 (fairly stingy portions for the kids and bonus scoops for the adults once the kids were in bed)

Adults: 10

Kids: 12, including adorable, squishy baby C

Minutes that adorable, squishy baby C wasn't being held or doted upon: almost none

Trips to the store to buy more pillows: 2 (I was not prepared in this department, but recall that I had stocked up on Blue Bell. Priorities.)

Times we ran the dishwasher: innumerable

It was such an awesome week, and the only downsides are the sugar withdrawals I'm currently suffering and the cousin fun time withdrawals that my kids are currently suffering.

Oh, I almost forgot!
Times I successfully shot the moon (no trump) while playing Moon with Matt and Jill: 1
In the background you can see Jill snapping a photo of her cards, in order to show me later what a terrible hand she had to defend against my moon shooters. Ha!

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