Saturday, July 1, 2017

Journaling my July

I just got this book from the library, and I love it!
It's literally a thousand different art journal pages. I've been thinking forever about doing a month of journal writing, so as I sat perusing these beautiful pages, I decided to start it today. Some days will be written, some days will be art in my notebook, and some will be both. Some days I'll spend five minutes on it, and some days (if my kids sleep in past 6:30am or fall asleep before 9:30pm) I'll spend a bit more time.
If you want to join me, just keep checking in here for prompts and encouragement. The challenge for today is to write (or draw, paint, collage, etc.) a snapshot of your life. Where did you go today? What shows are you watching? What did you eat? What are you working on? Looking forward to? That sort of thing.

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