Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween awards

Friend who saved the day by lending us costumes: Andrea
(Andrea, do you read this blog?  I hope you do, so you see me publicly declaring your awesomeness.)

Most annoying moment: When an adult couple came "trick-or-treating" with their probably still toothless baby and took five candy bars out of the bowl I was holding. 

Sweetest kid quote: "This is the best day ever!" (said by my Dracula as he ran to the next house, cape swooshing dramatically behind him)

Nicest neighbor / Person who will receive our next set of dental bills: Heidi, who dropped off two full size candy bars for each of the boys.  They almost died of pure joy.

"Better to give than receive" moment: When my kids were sitting in the driveway, trying to flag down passing cars so that they could hand out candy
And here it is, the reason I put together this silly list, just so I could set up a suspenseful reveal for...
Best Costume of the Night:
When he knocked on the door, the boys looked out the window and said, "Hey, it's a missionary!"
Sarah: Great costume!  Are you actually Mormon?
Guy: No.
Sarah: Oh.  Well, we are.
Guy: Oh, uhhh...sorry.
(I'm pretty sure he meant "sorry if you find this offensive" rather than "sorry that you're Mormon" but who knows?)
Sarah: Hey, no problem.  I love it.
Guy: It's from the Book of Mormon musical.
Sarah: Yep, got it.
I gave him some candy and told him that he should read the book.

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