Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Austin art

 It's been a week of culture around here.  I took the kids to the Blanton Museum on Thursday.
They were less enthralled with the cats & dogs exhibit than I had hoped, except for the video of a cat playing piano.
Six thousand dollars in pennies!  My kids love earning allowance money, collecting gold coins in Super Mario Brothers, and gathering precious metals in Minecraft, so this was right up their alley.

I saw this on Friday (on my way to a concert with just adults!), painted on the side of a building downtown.
 Today we visited Laguna Gloria for some outdoor art.

 The main attraction was an installation called Current.  It's huge waves woven from lobster rope.
The lady in the office told us that we could climb on it, but then a guy outside stopped us and said that we could climb or step on the low parts, but not the high parts.  Um, okay, we'll give that a try.  So I told my kids to climb only on the parts that were waist high or lower, and they followed that rule about as well as you would expect.  Time to go.
The Blanton is free on Thursdays, with $4 parking available in the garage next door, and Laguna Gloria is free on Tuesdays.

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