Friday, April 3, 2015

2 of 10: Skateboard swing

Yesterday I decided that I would tackle a pile of clothes in need of repair. I patched some jeans and hand sewed a couple of snagged sweaters.
And then I almost died from boring myself to death. Mending, while useful and necessary and even satisfying, does not count as one of my ten inspirational, motivational, awesome birthday month projects. What birthday is this anyway, my 70th?

So I'm taking credit for a cooler project, even though Matt did a bunch of the work on it: a skateboard swing!
We found an ugly old skateboard at Goodwill and loosely followed these directions.
 It's low to the ground, so you can pretend it's a hoverboard.

Total cost was about 15 bucks: 4 for the skateboard and 11 for the rope. By the way, why does a little package of rope cost eleven dollars? And that boy could use a hair cut--
Oh, sorry, guys. My inner geezer got out again. I've sent her off to do some more mending.

(In case you wondered how I fixed the holes in my sweaters, I tried this method, and it worked out well. Don't throw out your favorite sweater just because it has a snag!)

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