Friday, January 4, 2013

Retro Friday: felt and sequins

Posting late today because I am having photo upload problems.  I think Google is trying to force me to use their Picasa album instead of just pulling my photos directly from my own computer.  Why are these internet companies getting so pushy?  You get what you pay for, I suppose.

On Fridays I will post something retro/vintage/nostalgic, because, as my kids put it, I "like old fashioned stuff."

A while back I was in an antique store in downtown San Antonio, and I saw this handmade Christmas wall hanging.  I thought it was charming, but it was in the $30 or $40 range, so it did not come home with me.
But, hooray!  A few weeks ago, I found something similar at a resale shop for the delightful price of one dollar.
It feels very 1970s to me, but I can't be sure of the time period.  It's clear that many hours of hand work went into this.  Please tell me in the comments if you made or had something like this in your house growing up.
Rosy-cheeked angels!  Sequins!  A dollar well spent.

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