Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Three easy projects

Inspired by this tutorial, I made a container from a heavy weight plastic bag and a roll of patterned duct tape that I already had.  Did I need another "miscellaneous" container?  Not really.  What I need is to get rid of a bunch of junk in my house.  But it's much more fun to make something to put the junk in.

I made a set of three of these ornaments, but I'm not in love with the result.  The tutorial is here, found via this blog.  The ones on the Purl Bee tutorial look better than mine, most likely because they were made with that high quality felt that they sell, rather than the cheap stuff I bought at a craft store.  Mine are kind of limp and sad.
And I've had two of these acrylic trays sitting on top of my refrigerator for years.  Literally years.  I registered for them when I was getting married, so they are quite old and out of style.  Still, they feel exceptionally juvenile to me.  Apparently, I thought that upon entering a married state, I would spend lots of time poolside, serving trays of drinks to Rainbow Brite and the gang.
It sure is a good thing that I've grown out of cartoony florals.
Oh, wait.
[Looks up at the first project, made with duct tape purchased in 2013.]

Anyway, I decided to cover the old pattern with a slightly more stylish one.  This is a sheet of gift wrap made by iota.  They put beautiful, colorful prints on things like journals and paper plates.
Mod Podge is so addictive.  This was only like my second or third time using it, and now as I walk through my house, I'm mentally decoupaging everything in sight.

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