Friday, January 10, 2014

Charley Harper canvas and a copper mirror

I finished two projects yesterday that had been works in progress for a long, long time.

First, a collage of Charley Harper images.  I bought this matching game at Anthropologie a couple years ago.  It cost $15, so this was not a cheap DIY by my standards, but it's a heck of a lot cheaper than the $200 coffee table book they were also selling.
I painted a layer of glossy white paint on a 16x20 canvas, arranged the cards in a pleasing way (rainbow order, naturally) and hot glued them into place.

Here's the finished product:
It will hang near the baby's crib for now, and then it will probably stay in my craft room forever.  I'm embracing my childish, whimsical style, remember?

The other project is a small Ikea mirror that I painted black and covered with copper foil, inspired by this.  I used Speedball brand's Simple Leaf copper sheets that come already backed with thin wax paper for easier handling.  It's the first time I've used metal leafing, and the sheets were so delicate that I can't imagine handling them without the wax paper.  This is a "practice makes perfect" material, for sure.
I cut some of the sheets into smaller squares, because I wanted that slightly patchy look, with a little of the black showing through.  I already have a gold tone and a silver tone mirror in different shapes, so I'm thinking of hanging the three as a group.
The best part is, except for the painting/priming layers I did a day earlier, I completed both of these projects while the baby napped.  Quick and satisfying!

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