Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Feels like sixth grade again

For two reasons:

One, just a few days after we unearthed my old clarinet during a garage clean-up, the music teachers at my boys' school sent out an email asking if anyone wanted to come in and play an instrument.  They are studying the instruments of an orchestra and thought it would be fun to have parents come in for demonstrations.  I put my clarinet together and was really surprised that I was able to make a decent sound come out of it after not touching it for maybe 15 years.  Muscle memory is a real thing.
Two, Matt bought a used Wii at Christmas, and we introduced the boys to Super Mario Brothers.  We are about a year into a Minecraft obsession over here, but it looks like there may be a new favorite.

Speaking of muscle memory, there's another skill that I haven't used in a couple decades which came right back to me.
The combination of the two makes me feel like I just stayed after school for marching band practice, then walked home with my friend Tracy and started playing Nintendo in her basement.  All that's missing is a pair of Keds and my hair in a home perm.

By the way, my boys are impressed with both of these recently revealed talents of mine.  Now I'm trying to really blow their minds by figuring out how to play the Super Mario Brothers theme song ON the clarinet.

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