Friday, January 17, 2014

Retro Friday: Dictionary, baby clothes, and vintage towel

Here are a few fabulously '70s items I came across while organizing.

First, a book whose cover image has been burned into my brain after many childhood hours spent tracing and coloring it.
I had literally just called my sister a few days before and asked her to look through Mom and Dad's basement to see if this book was still around.  Then I found it while cleaning out the garage.  It's like Gretchen Rubin says, if something is lost, clean up.  I know I just quoted her in my last post, but snippets of her book keep popping into my head as I attempt to start the new year by getting organized.

While sorting through various sizes of little boy clothes, I found these, lovingly saved for a couple decades by Matt's mom and passed down to me when our oldest was born.
And finally, a peek at a project I'm currently working on: vintage bath towels turned into hand towels.
My first attempt at binding one with my own home made bias tape did not turn out well, so it's back to the drawing board.

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