Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm cartoony

I've noticed over the years that I am drawn to art that is cartoonish.  That is to say, bold outlines, bright colors, and not much realism.  When I took art history in college, my favorite paintings were always by people like Matisse and Picasso.

I've only purchased a few pieces of original art in my life, and they are all in a similar style.
The beach scene we bought during our European backpacking adventure (artist is Sophie Girardeau), and the two faceless ladies at the bottom right are from a study trip to Costa Rica (artist unknown).

This angel painting is from a road trip to St. Louis that Matt and I took during our first year of marriage.  It looks kind of dated to me--very late '90s--but that's fine, because it was the late '90s.  (Artist is Karen Flocken.)

We bought a print of this one shortly after moving to Austin.  (Artist is Curtis Long.)

I used to wonder if I'd ever develop a more mature aesthetic.  It's the kind of thing you think about as you get closer to turning forty.  (Should I be wearing peacock blue tights?  Should I try to stop saying "awesome" and "totally" so much?  Should I keep decorating with cartoony art?)  But now I'm trying not to worry about it.  You like what you like, right?

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