Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 11 & 12: Homes and cars

These two are fun lists to make, assuming you love a trip down memory lane like I do.

For day 11, make a list of all the homes you've lived in, starting from your first home and working up to today.

As usual, add details or stories that come to mind, such as:

-Your first memories of your childhood home

-Your college dorm or apartment, roommates, living on your own for the first time

-Your fist home purchase, how you chose it, how much it cost

-The home you brought your babies home to

-Details about the neighborhood and neighbors for each place

This is my parents' house, which I never technically lived in, since they had it built after I was married. But I visit a couple times a year, and this is the house my kids have always associated with their grandparents. One day while it was still being built, we drove by to check out the progress and found that the yard was not quite done yet.

For day 12, make a list of all the cars you have had. You can start with your earliest memory of the family car, or just the cars that you have owned as an adult. Some other details you could include:

-On which car did you learn to drive?

-Which was your favorite, and why?

-Any traffic tickets or accidents?

Matt was driving this car when we started dating, and on through the first few years of our marriage. It was a stick shift and very low to the ground. I felt very sporty and cool driving it, and I loved those flip-up headlights.

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