Friday, July 28, 2017

Day 28: Food, part 2

Today let's write about food that you eat away from home.

-What are your current favorite restaurants for eating in and taking to-go? What were they when you were younger?

-Are there places that you always visit when you are in particular cities or regions?

When I go home to the Chicago suburbs, I always plan for a Giordano's pizza and a couple cheeseburgers at Portillo's. Once in a while I am lucky enough to get someone who knows that "extra pickles" doesn't mean "three pickles instead of two". It means "as many pickles as you can pile on".
Yes please.

-Do you have specific foods that you eat on road trips?

When I was a kid, road trips meant Life cereal eaten from a Solo cup for breakfast, a cooler full of pop and bagel sandwich ingredients, Pringles and Bugles to snack on, and maybe a stop for Frostys at Wendy's.

-You could make a "best in class" list, detailing where you get your favorite hamburger, salad, taco, doughnut, etc. I have a friend doing an extensive survey of Austin doughnut shops, which sounds pretty amazing. I'll bet my kids would like to contribute to that research project.

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