Sunday, July 23, 2017

Day 22 and 23: Love and heartbreak

I went to a wedding yesterday, where I got to see a couple of young, fresh-faced twenty somethings start their life together. This led to me reminiscing about the early days of my relationship with Matt. I realized that while I have told my kids the story of how we got together, I've never written it down. (Not from a backward-looking perspective, anyway. I kept a journal at the time it was happening, plus I still have the lovey-dovey letters we exchanged during the long distance portion of our relationship, but my kids might never get to see those. I haven't decided yet.)
So, the writing assignment for day 22 is to record a love story. That could mean your spouse or high school or college love, or just any story of loving someone.

For day 23, write about a time that you had your heart broken. Or if you are lucky enough to have escaped major heartbreak, maybe you were the heart breaker? Or maybe you were the shoulder that your best friend cried on when he/she suffered major heartbreak? This topic is basically a free pass for me, due to my aforementioned journals. I had a new crush every week as a teenager, plus plenty of cringe-inducing entries after a particularly ugly breakup. If I had more courage, I'd read them aloud at a Mortified event, but for now, they will stay tucked away on a shelf.

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