Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Day 26: That's awkward

Depending on how you feel about confrontation, you might hate today's topic. We're writing about awkward, uncomfortable, and tense conversations you've had. Have you ever done any of the following?

-fired/reprimanded someone or been fired/reprimanded
-caught someone in a lie or been caught in a lie
-broken up with someone or been dumped (you might have already covered this on day 23)
-participated in an intervention
-delivered or received sex education
-finally dealt with a long-simmering emotional issue with someone close to you
When I don't have a picture to match the subject, sometimes I just pick something random.
Here's a grackle.

There are a lot of directions you could go with this. I can think of a ton of awkward conversations from my own life, and I've actually written about a couple here. But as I mentioned in a previous post, talking about sex is not difficult for me. It's a topic that I cover early and often with my three boys. It's really important that we give our children the self-confidence that comes from being informed, and I promise that the more more you have those conversations, the easier it gets.

If you have 25 minutes to kill, you should watch how they deal with sex ed on King of the Hill. Peggy Hill gets crap done.

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