Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day 8: Swamped!

Today, let's write about a time when we were swamped, overwhelmed, or in over our heads.
One of the first things that comes to mind for me with this topic is parenting: first time with a brand new baby (and the accompanying sleep deprivation), taking care of a toddler PLUS a newborn, managing little people with big emotions, dealing with the various needs of my kids as they grow, many of which I'd never anticipated.
But all that stuff I write in my private journal. Another time I felt swamped was back in my restaurant days. I wasn't the worst server, but I wasn't the best, and I sometimes found myself crazy busy with no idea how to catch up and do all the things that had to be done right this minute. I still have occasional stress dreams about waiting tables, even though the last time I did that job was over 20 years ago. But it must still be stuck somewhere in my subconscious: I walk in to work, and right away I have six or eight tables whose food is ready to come out, or I forgot to put in all the orders, or I drop a full tray, or, or... Can I assume that many of my fellow former wait staff have the same dreams?
Flashback to the heady days of Chili's Margarita Madness 1996

Bonus content: Here are some of my favorite things from the Chili's menu, circa 1996
-Chips, salsa, & chili queso
-Super nachos
-Cheese sticks
-Southwest eggrolls
-Broccoli cheese soup
-1/2 turkey sandwich with fries and southwest vegetable soup
-Chicken crispers
-Chicken caesar salad
- Molten chocolate cake

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