Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4th journal entry: Write about your political views

Happy Independence Day!
Why not use your freedom to take a few minutes and record your political views?

-What political issues are most important to you? Is there a particular issue that sways your vote in one direction or the other?

-Do you identify with one particular political party? Has that changed over time?

-Do your views differ from your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers?

-What are your earliest memories of politics?

-If you  have kids, do you talk with them about politics and current events?

My earliest memories involving political affairs are from the 1984 presidential election. I was eight, and boy in my class drew a picture of Ronald Reagan on one side, looking sweet and kind (like, he practically had the rouged cheeks, except it was a pencil drawing), saying, "I'll lower taxes!" and a picture of Walter Mondale on the other side, craggy and hideous, possibly even smoking a big cigar, saying, "I'll raise taxes!" At the time, I had no opinions on the matter and just thought, "Wow, that Mondale seems like a pretty mean guy." Looking back, it's hilarious to me, and pretty obvious what the boy's parents talked about at the dinner table.

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