Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day 16: Games & toys

It's day 16 of 31, which means we are more than halfway done! If you've been following along wanting to write some journal entries but haven't made it happen, I encourage you to just start! These don't have to be done in any order, and personally I feel stressed about projects when I feel like I have a lot of "catch up" work to do. So you could just dive in and start with today, and if you eventually get back to the first 15 entries some time, great.

Just start somewhere. It's true in so many areas of life, isn't it?

Today's topic is games and toys that you played with when you were a kid. What were your favorites? Did you play with siblings? With friends? Have you played any of the same ones with your own kids? Were there toys that your friends had that made you jealous? Was there a toy that you saved up for in order to buy yourself? If you have access to old family photos, it might be helpful to browse special occasion pictures like birthdays or Christmas to jog your memory.
My old Mr. Mouth still lives in my parents' basement, though he's not in as good shape as this guy

I am basically incapable of passing up vintage toys and games at the thrift shops, especially if it's something that I recognize from my own childhood. I once purchased all twelve of these old puzzles because growing up we had the Daffy Duck one on the top row.
Thrift shopping: a hobby as well as maybe an illness

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